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Oracle Hospitality Opera

Oracle Hospitality Opera

Opera: A masterpiece solution for the management of hotel chains with refined needs

A fine-tuned and optimized full-fledged working tool, with a web-based interface that expands control and operations outside the property and helps enhance the customer’s experience.

  • A new approach for managing operations

Based on its experience as a world leader in IT products and services for the hospitality industry, Oracle offers, with Opera, a fine-tuned and optimized full-fledged working tool, with an innovative and intuitive interface, that only requires a short training time.

  • New integration and optimization opportunities

The web-based interface, that can be virtually accessed from anywhere using the most popular web browsers, expands operational control outside the property. It also allows the coordination of several properties through its Multi-Property feature. With Opera Mobile, the software’s functions become available on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

  • Streamlined operations for enhanced customer experience

By securing and storing the customers' profiles, the booking process is eased, check-ins take less time, and the experience you offer to customers is enhanced. The operational tasks and guest notifications are also easier to track and manage, with a faster response even to the most demanding customer requests.


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Bogdan Fărcășanu
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