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Oracle Hospitality Suite8

Oracle Hospitality Suite8

Suite8: The most popular hotel management solution from Oracle Hospitality, a world leader in hospitality

The outcome of 30 years of experience in the field, Oracle Hospitality Suite8 has become a mainstream tool due to its customer experience centered functions and the integrated and efficient alignment of the operations.


  • Extended control, maximum optimization

It is supported by complex settings and automations meant to help you take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and increase profitability:

- Settings for various types of profiles: Companies, Agencies, Sources, Individuals;
- Settings of price scenarios: children rates, packages, time-bound or non time-bound special offers;
- Generation of comprehensive statistics.

  • Enhanced safety and stability

Supported by the Oracle database, a robust platform that guarantees data security and allows an unlimited number of transactions.

  • Access to the next level in hospitality industry

Suite8 by Opera Hospitality supports:

- Access to customized reports for users/managers;
- Interfacing with access control systems, Pay TV, telephone exchange;
- Addition of a booking engine or Channel Manager;
- Integration with an email server for message automation (booking confirmation, management reports).

  • Improved services offered to customers

You can save profiles with detailed information, guest preferences and transaction history. This helps you communicate with your customers in the most relevant manner (feedback questionnaires, anniversary emails, branded invoices etc.).

  • Easier and more pleasant working experience

The software has an user-friendly interface, backed by the Oracle database that eliminates archiving unnecessary procedures and stores data automatically.


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