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Mobile and powerful POS especially designed for tablets, easy to use by staff!

Do you run a family restaurant, a stylish bistro or one of the most popular bars in town?

Breeze is an innovative POS designed to work on tablets, but also a user-friendly, easy to customize cloud-based solution.


  • It reduces investment in special equipment – since it is designed for mobile devices;
  • It supports cash flow – the access is based on monthly subscription;
  • It offers enhanced control, as management reports can be accessed anytime, anywhere;
  • It reduces additional training costs, because it is easy to customize and user-friendly. Any waiter who can use a smartphone will immediately be able to use it;
  • You will benefit from 24/7 technical support and permanent full access to the management and configuration platform;
  • Your staff becomes more efficient, and the operational processes become more fluid – due to its clearly defined and intuitive ordering process;
  • It is also used as a sales growth tool, as it helps waiters recommend the right products to customers (complimentary, preferred, special offers);
  • It can be integrated with loyalty programmes and it can support marketing and customer relations activities.


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Cristian Floriştean
Cristian Floriştean
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