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A complex and scalable platform that can adjust to the growth of your business.

The state-of-the-art Simphony platform by Oracle Hospitality is hosted in cloud and supports real time, interactive access to information and reports, even on mobile devices, for enhanced centralized control and more efficient access to data.


  • Low cost, operational efficiency

Oracle Hospitality Simphony is the only POS built on a scalable architecture, able to integrate information from up to 25,000 work stations, meaning that it can grow as your business grows and still exquisitely cope with all demands. It will help you develop your business and adjust to complex operational needs, without sacrificing neither the efficiency, nor the promptness.

  • Streamlined operations, more customers

The basic functions of a POS are further streamlined, so that your staff can get these operations done much quicker and focus on customer interaction. Simphony smoothly integrates with any mobile device and contributes to a significantly enhanced experience for your guests, adding value to your business.

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